Hello there

I’m Agnieszka Krzesińska, known as Ryuvhiel. I'm an artist from Poland who loves drawing all kinds of animals and creatures. I especially love fantasy and night themes.
Let's create something together!

Contact: [email protected]


  • HEADSHOT - 25$

  • HALFBODY - 35$

  • FULLBODY - 45$

You can choose from two sketch styles - linear (first example) or painterly (second example). You can also add extras to your sketch if you like - flat colors (for free) or simple shading (for 15$).


  • HEADSHOT - 55$

  • HALFBODY - 75$

  • FULLBODY - 95$

Detailed illustration

  • HEADSHOT: 150$

  • HALFBODY: 250$

  • FULLBODY: 350$

  • Add background: starts from 50$


What I draw?

I DRAW:- fantasy, sci-fi and mythological creatures
- animals
- humans and humanoids

I DON'T DRAW:- sexual themes (artistic nudity is ok)
- drastic themes
- sexulalized furry
- complex mechanical stuff
- complex architecture
- anything offensive

How to order?

To order a commission please use my email: [email protected] . By placing an order you agree with my Terms of Service.In your commission inquiry email please answer following questions:1. Is your commission for private or commercial use? (Private commission is when you order a commission just for yourself, with no plans of using it further commercially, while commercial use occurs when you will be making a profit out of my art - it would be things like like book illustrations, game art, t-shirt image, etc.)2. What type of commission would you like to order: a sketch, a speedpainting or a detailed painting? If you're ordering a sketch, what type of sketch do you prefer - painterly or linear?3. What I can draw for you? Describe your character/creature/anything you would like to order in as much detail as you can: mention all important details I should know and attatch reference photos/ reference sheets.4. In what kind of pose should I draw your character? Is there any expression/attitude of them you would like to have, or should the image have special mood/vibe?5. Do you need any background for your commission? (See background types that you can choose and their prices in my Terms of Service below).6. Is there any deadline for your commission? (For example is it a birthday present for someone that you would like to receive as soon as possible? See more info about the deadlines in my ToS below).7. Please choose your prefered method of payment - PayPal or bank money transfer. If you prefer PayPal, then please send me your PayPal email, I will send you an invoice.8. Can I post finished commission in my social media? If for any reason I shouldn't, please let me know.9. How can I credit you while posting the finished commission in my social media? Please write your name, nickname or let me know if you prefer to stay anonymous.

Terms of Service

Are in effect from last update: 27.05.2022By ordering a commission you agree with Terms of Service and Privacy Policy written below.All information written below is about PRIVATE COMMISSIONS - please ask me about COMMERCIAL USE.1. GENERAL TERMS• I have the right to reject any order for any reason.
• Terms of Service may change from time to time, but it will not affect your order in any negative way.
• I work from Monday to Friday, but I usually answer messages also at weekends.
2. PRICESPrices listed in the commission sheet info are basic and they may rise due to complexity of a project:
• If design of the character is complex and will take extra time to draw (for example has feathers, complex patterns, unique scales design, additional limbs, character is a hybrid, etc.). Every price will be considered individually.
• ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS IN THE SCENE: if you would like to order a commission with more than one character, the prices of the added characters will be the same as the first one (there is no discounts for additional characters).
• Background: there are 3 types of backgrounds to choose:
- Simple: a few abstract strokes, simple elements of nature such as clouds, smoke, etc., solid color, gradient, etc. – it’s free
- Standard: full scene behind the character, but not very detailed –15-25$
- Detailed: full scene behind the character with a lot of details – 30-50$
• The price will rise if you request a faster deadline.3. PAYMENT• Commission must be paid 100% upfront.
• Payments can be done via PayPal (I will send you an invoice) or bank account.
• The Client has 7 days for paying for a commission after ordering it. After that time commission will be cancelled and I will start working for another client on the list. However, please contact me privately if you have any unexpected life situations or other problems with the payment.
4. PROCESS AND DELIVERY1) Contact• Please contact me via email – [email protected]
• I hold correspondence in English.
2) Ordering commission• Please provide good references of your character – images on which the design is clear. I will not accept written description (unless it's very detailed). I can design your character based on written directions, but it can cost more than typical commission.• TYPES OF COMMISSIONSSketches:
• Great if you need just basic representation of your character or if you want to visualise your concept quickly
• Sketches can be order with extras:
- Flat color/gradient/simple abstraction background – it’s free
- Flat color/gradient/simple pattern of - character – it’s free
- All types of sketches can be also shaded – simple rendering for all options is +10$
• Client can choose from two types of sketches:
- Painterly – black and white sketches done in painterly manner, including indications of light and shadow
- Linear – more clean sketches
• It is a fast painting, dynamic, loose, focused mostly on the color and the shape of the character.
• Can be experimental, messy, artistic
•The final effect is more loose/sketchy
• In this type commissions amount of details is limited
• Delivery is faster than detailed paintings
Detailed paintings:
• Full paintings focused on the realism and likeness
• Done in paintery style, but less loose than speedpaintings
• The final effect is more polished
• High level of details
• Delivery is slower
• When ordering please specify all the things that you find important about your desired final picture: type of commission (paintery, fast paintery, halfbody, etc.), pose of the character, setting of the scene, if there is background needed, etc.
• If you would like to order specific image format or resolution please let me know. I don’t have any estabilished format that I’m using, but I usually work on formats that are more than 2000 x 2000 px, in 300 dpi, RGB, png.
• If you would like to receive your order until specific deadline you must tell me about this at the beginning, while describing your order. It will cost more than typical commission.
• Please specify how can I credit you when I will be posting your commission on social media.
3) Process and revisions• Time to finish commission varies from 2 days to 2 months depending on factors such as your position on the commission slots list, the complexity of the commissioned piece, type of commission, possibile health issues, other work, etc. I will inform you if there will be any unexpected situations which will make this time longer.
• I reserve the right to interpret your character in my style, however I will not change the design.
• I will start work after receiving a payment.
• I’m providing initial sketch for Client’s approval for every commission type (see examples on the last page). Any revisions suggested at this stage are free. After approving the sketch all major revisions will cost extra (changing really small details is free). There is only one exception from this situation: I accept changes based on things that I have forgotten or missed, something that was showed in reference sheet or description: this comes at no extra fee.
• The Client has a right to see ordered commission at any stage, anytime – just ask.
4) Delivery• I will send you artwork in full resolution through DeviantArt stash, WeTransfer or email. You can choose your prefered method of file delivery.
• The finished artwork will be posted on my DeviantArt and my social media (such as Instagram or Facebook), but I will always give the credit to the Client.
5. COPYRIGHT AND ARTWORK USAGE• All rights reserved.
Please do not reproduce, copy, edit, publish, sell, or upload my artworks in any way without my knowledge and consent. Only commissioners and character owners may re-upload relevant artworks if proper credit is given.
• I retain all copyrights over the commissioned artwork.
• I will not claim the intellectual property (IP) of the commissioned artwork.
• I will not profit further from the commissioned artwork unless the Client break any of the terms.
• I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork online, in my portfolio as well as in publications such as art books.
• You may upload the commissioned artwork on any website and social channel, but please remember about giving me a credit and link to my DeviantArt page.
• You may not make profits from the commissioned piece (reselling, redistributing, making prints, etc.)
• You may not alter the commissioned artwork without my consent. You may not ask another artist to change anything about my drawing either.
IMPORTANT: The prices described here are for personal commissions - please ask me about commercial use!
• I do not take responsibility if the Client will use their commission done by me in any illegal/improper way.
• By providing me with the references for your commission Client declares that their have full copyrights or the owner’s permission for usage of the character design depicted.
6. CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY• If for any reason I am unable to start your commission you will receive a full refund.
• If you cancel your order before I started it, you can get a full refund.
• You can cancel your order anytime, but if you will do it after I started the commission, you will get a refund only for the work not done yet.
• If you are getting a refund, do not request a Paypal charge back, I will transfer the money back to you myself.
• I have a right to cancel commission if the Client is not responding for a long time, behaves improperly or doesn’t send the payment on time.

All characters belongs to their authors!
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